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String bracelets are wrist accessories that utilize string components as the most prominent part of these tiny adornments. They come in various forms to suit different kinds of style preferences. Some of these bracelets that are made of strings are braided and woven. One of the most popular weaving technique for these accessories is called the Macrame style which mainly employs half-hitch and square knots. Some of them, however, are not braided or weaved at all. These thread lovelies, like our Lucky Ceramic Red String, lean towards the minimalist side of the cool string bracelets spectrum. 

Ring to Perfection's String Bracelets collection offers you the largest selection of intricately braided friendship bracelets, string ankle bracelets for guys and girls. These accessories are perfect for everyone who loves trendy casual jewelry. Our string lovelies are also bestowed with natural healing stones that promote the body's energy rebalancing and encourages chakra channeling that are prerequisites for a deep karmic meditation. The natural stones used in these babies are high-quality and purely authentic to help you achieve a higher level of mind and body harmonious alignment. 

These pieces of twined beauties are our way to give back to the community. We donate to various charities and organizations for every purchase of our select products like the red string bracelets. Be unique amidst all the ordinary with Ring to Perfection's String Bracelets!