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Wooden jewelry has been used since time immemorial to show a person's creativity. With wood being the most accessible material millions of years ago, it made the people at that time use it for their tools and accessories. Woods have their own unique color, texture, and look on them that makes it really special and one-of-a-kind. When you use wood to make wooden necklaces, you will never get the same design and color making every piece of jewelry unique!

Ring to Perfection's Wooden Necklaces collection varies from beaded wooden necklaces to wooden pendant necklaces. Wooden jewelry is great for those who have an allergic reaction to any kind of metal or if you work with electricity! All natural, hand carved, polished, and/or painted, wood is definitely a great gift from mother nature! Transforming wood to perfectly handmade wooden necklaces is a work of art that anyone would appreciate! With its contemporary and creative look, the world of jewelry will never be complete without these wooded jewelry pieces!