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Our Story

Ring to Perfection, owned by my wife Chantal and I (John), is an online store and blog community for selling and curating the world’s best jewelry and accessories.

It all started when we wanted to find the bridal set for her to wear on our wedding daythe right jewelry and accessorieswithout paying hundreds of dollars for them. The difficulties we encountered and the little knowledge of the jewelry industry led us to the best idea ever–-creating the Ring to Perfection blog and curating our best jewelry finds from different designers online.

Initially, our idea was to provide couples a guide for wedding and engagements through blogs and articleswith the main goal of helping them avoid the same problems we encountered. Surprisingly, our blog became a HIT! The messages ranging from jewelry tips to product requests instantly flooded, and soon we had to ask for help by expanding our teamadding Denver, Lize, and Nick.

In the midst of overwhelming positive responses from our fast-growing community, one day, a community member said to us, “Ring to Perfection is THE place for jewelry inspiration, and you always find the best jewelry and accessories for us. Why don't you sell your own?” With that question, a new idea was born.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time quest for the best jewelry the world has to offerrings, bracelets, earrings, you name it. We now source our jewelry from Mongolia, Nepal, Taiwan, Tibet, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and the U.S., and we are constantly on the hunt for more. Each item is unique and most of our items are handmade-to-order for you! Even though the processing times are somewhat longer, this method ensures that you will always get unique and top-quality jewelry straight from the manufacturer at a better price. Our jewelry is exquisitely designed and durablewhat’s moreit is also affordable. How is that possible? We simply cut out the middlemen and ship directly from our designers and manufacturers to you.

Ring to Perfection Store Story

Since reading that community member's suggestion, we haven't looked back. We have already served over 168,000+ happy customers, and together they've left over 5000 five-star reviews of our products and counting. Every day, we receive more emails we are grateful for from satisfied customers all over the world. Now, our team has grown to over 12 full-time employees and we strive for outstanding customer service and product quality.

Our primary goal is to make sure you always leave our site with a smile. We test and review every single product that we carry in our store, and if we, ourselves, would not own it, we would not sell it. Our team members, including myself John and my wife Chantal, are also glad to help if you have any questions, want style tips, or just want to say drop a message. We are always looking forward to bringing you jewelry that will make you shine as bright as your smile. ☺

Chantal & John

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