Ancient Owl Totem Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet

Sourced ethically, our Ancient Owl Totem Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet is an accessory fit for those who love to incorporate healing and an ethnic beauty to their style. Handcrafted using authentic natural stones like amazonite, lava stones, onyx, and spectrolite, this beaded bracelet is perfect in all aspects. 

  • Authentic Natural Stones 
  • Premium Quality Materials 
  • Handmade to Perfection 
  • Stretchable Length from 6.6" or 17cm
  • Lava stones are great as essential oil diffusers 

Aside from the natural healing properties of the gemstones, the ancient owl totem symbolizes fertility, renewal, and wisdom. Start navigating through any darkness in life and be guided in confusing situations by these owl totems. Let the owl spirits bring clarity and observance so you can face your shadows and fears and find true happiness.

Show your family and friends some affection by giving them this bracelet as a present for their special day! Avail FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if you get two or more bracelets!