Boho Chic Stackable Bracelet Set

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The best way to achieve a modern stacked-accessory look is by getting a bracelet set. No need to mix and match as it is already pre-matched for you before you even get it. We are proud to present our new Boho Stackable Bracelet Set. A set contains three uniquely designed bracelets that you can freely wear alone or in a stack.

  • Not available in local stores
  • Handcrafted with premium materials
  • Easily resists everyday-wear

These bracelets are made from high-quality durable leather, colorful wooden beads, highly-resilient cords, and adjustable lace up locks. Get the look of different layered leather bracelets with just one bracelet set. It is available in different light and dark leather colors and has an adjustable closure that is secure and easy to tie. 

The length is 7.9" or 20cmand made to fit your wrist perfectly. Being one of our most popular items, this stylish handmade leather bracelet has a light, comfortable feel. This leather bracelet is custom made to fit your wrist size comfortably. Add it to any outfit for the perfect touch of vintage or urban chic, and a great company for a watch.