Chakra Symbols Gemstone Strand Beads Bracelet

This Chakra Symbols Gemstone Strand Beads Bracelet for people living around the Asia Region is a religious artifact, symbolic of some of their Religious beliefs. They craft these kinds of beads bracelets to invoke positive vibrations for; health, wealth, protection and mindfulness. Made of high-end matte Amazonite beads for personal truth and radiating that truth to others this is a powerful chakra bracelet that will also be very effective in expressing personal lifestyle.

  • Dimension ( size of beads ): 0.23 - 0.31" ( 6mm - 8mm )
  • Convenient choice of 2 beads sizes
  • Long lasting resilient tension setting of premium quality elastic cord 
  • Efficient high-grade non-fading metallic tone box-with-tongue-and-safety clasp
  • Artsy non-tarnish high-quality antique gold and silver charms
  • Exceptional eye-catching expensive-looking design

Gift someone with your truth and allow them to be blessed with their own by giving them the twin of your Chakra Symbols Gemstone Strand Beads Bracelet.Our  FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING offer is for everybody who makes a purchase, you will get the chance to enjoy it too when you buy the 2 now!