Colorful Natural Crystal Quartz Prayer Beads Bracelet

Members of different religious traditions use prayer beads to mark repetitions of chants, devotions, and prayers. This practice is not exclusive to followers of Hinduism and Buddhism only.  Religious devotees of the Islams, Sikhs, Bahá'í Faith, and Christian faiths also have their own versions of the prayer beads. Our Colorful Natural Crystal Quartz Prayer Beads Bracelet is a fashionable re-creation of the prayer beads which Hindus and Buddhists call Mala, but this is not intended to be a meditation or devotion tool to be used for religious practice but a physical reminder of the wearer's positive intentions.

  • High-end premium tension set not-easy to fray rope chain
  • Colorful premium quality high-grade natural crystal beads
  • High-grade non-tarnish ultrafine metal hardware
  • Trendy bohemian inspired style

Grab your crystal prayer beads bracelet now and you can wear it as a simple reminder of your hearts hidden desires. Anyways there is no definite rules and definitions of these kinds of prayer and ritual tool, each of us is given the freedom to determine what this bracelet is going to mean in our lives. And this bracelet is also long enough that you can wear this as a necklace too.