Fiery Red Dragon Cinnabar Necklace

Exquisite and stunning laser cut, fiery red Dragon pendant necklace, hand-crafted in supreme care and expertise by our craftsmen. This LIMITED EDITION dragon amulet necklace come in a quality obsidian beads which will definitely go along with any of your casual attire.

This fiery red hand carved Cinnabar Dragon amulet comes in 10.3mm x 37mm x 51mm dimension and has black obsidian beads that look beautiful and stylish altogether.

Dragon is a Chinese mythical creature that is said to bring wealth, power and an abundance of opportunities.

Obsidian is a precious gem that is known to be a protective stone that draws out mental stress, tension, and negative energies. The amulet that comes in this necklace features an adeptly carved rising dragon that represents prosperity and good fortune.