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Handmade Monochrome Signet Ring [3 Options]

Size Guide

This Handmade Monochrome Signet Ring is made from premium quality stainless steel; molded, cut, sized, buffed and polished to a scratch resistant finish with only one goal in mind, and that is to add an eye-catching rugged appeal to any ensemble, from business casual to everyday wear that it will be coordinated with. 

  • Dimensions: (surface width): 0.62" (6mm)
  • Sophisticated classic geometric design that will never be out of fashion
  • A fashion-statement signet ring for men that will also be perfect as couple's ring
  • High-grade stainless steel material 
  • Handcrafted to a standard of perfection by professional and skilled artisans

Pair this bold stunning signet ring with your latest fashion find and you will surely get noticed. Get 2 to twin with your best buddy or with your loved one and you get our Free Shipping premium!