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108-Bead Sandalwood Japa Mala Beads

Size Guide

Transformative Properties:  Sandalwood is one of the traditional materials used for Japa Malas. It is a fragrant wood which is believed to attract subtle but positive vibrations which promotes tranquility and a positive frame of mind. Sandalwood is also an antiseptic and insecticidal wood. 

  • Natural Sandalwood Beads on a sturdy yet flexible elastic band
  • 108 beads to guide you through your favorite prayer or mantra
  • Promotes tranquility during meditation with a peaceful fragrance

Instructions:  The japa mala should be held in the right hand with the middle finger and thumb, never with the index finger which is considered inauspicious. With each bead, one repeats the prayer or mantra. According to some traditions, 108 represents the number of mortal desires of mankind which one must overcome.

Wrap flexible necklace four or five times around the right wrist to wear as a bracelet.  Clean wood with a cotton cloth but leave new beads out at night until wood forms a patina.

Specifications: Approximately 14 inches with 8mm beads strung on a durable elastic cord for flexibility (can be worn as a necklace or bracelet).