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Kintsugi Natural Stone Distance Bracelets [Set of 2]

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Let your relationship grow stronger across the miles with the Kintsugi Natural Stone Distance Bracelets! These beautiful natural stone beads depict kintsugi, meaning you, flaws and hardships in your relationship are part of both of you which something that you can proudly show to the world!

  • Length (Elastic): 7.2" or 18.4 cm
  • Premium Natural Stone Beads
  • Exquisite Kintsugi-Inspired Bead Design

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of using gold to repair jewelry and pottery, highlighting these cracked parts and embracing them. These distance bracelets show that your distance from each other and all your fights and imperfections are all part of your relationship, and that's what makes it more beautiful. Embracing all these will certainly make your relationship better. Buying two sets of the Kintsugi Natural Stone Distance Bracelets lets you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!