Maui Surfer Hand Carved Fishhook Necklace

A handcrafted bone pendant is the highlight of our Maui Surfer Hand Carved Fishhook Necklace. It was a long time ago that our ancestors started carving bone into pieces of jewelry to embody the strength of wild animals in a piece of good luck charm. The hook design symbolizes good health, good luck, and long life. It also represents the tight bond of family. For a million years now it is considered a good luck charm by fishermen, surfers, travelers, and boaters

  • Adjustable length from 14.9" (380 mm) to 28.3" (720 mm)
  • Pendant Size (length x width): 1.9 x 1.18" (4.7 X 3.0 cm)
  • Resilient not-easy to fray highly resistant to unraveling cotton rope chain 
  • Skillfully hand carved from Koa fishbone tribal surfer style pendant

This carved bone pendant is on an adjustable cotton rope string, which is knotted and wrapped into simple yet attractive patterns around the hook pendant, providing this simple piece its adornment. The cotton rope string is resilient and durable; you can wear it anywhere even when taking showers and swimming. Looks cool when seen laying on a bare glistening tanned chest. A great gift idea for a loved one, your family, your friends and for yourself.