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Rings Mystic Rainbow Black Opal Ring

Mystic Rainbow Black Opal Ring

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Be mesmerized by the color and form of this Mystic Rainbow Black Opal Ring. The gem and the Opal stones that decorate it possess the colors of the Aurora and exude the same wonder. To keep up with the theme, the band is set in gold black to showcase a simulation of the natural light display in the dark sky

  • Durable materials used
  • Trendy new design
  • Limited edition

To create this dynamic and playful effect, our artisans used a gem with the best light refracting attribute and gave it a cut that would enhance this trait. It is paired with white based Opal stones that complement the colors of the gem. Buy this and you wouldn't have to travel to Scandinavia or the Arctic to witness the spectacle. All you have to do is to look at your finger and voila, a view only the wise can behold!


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What To Look For In An Opal Ring

When you decided that you want to buy an Opal Engagement Ring then you should consider choosing the type and color first. As with many gems you also want to take into consideration the type of stone, the size, patterns, and brilliance.

Opal Ring Type

The value of opals is mostly determined by the type and size of the gem. Black opal is amongst the more expensive ones, whereas crystal opal has an average opal price and is white opal the least valuable.

Opal Ring Color
The more colors you see in an Opal Engagement Ring the more valuable the ring. Also, the dominant colors of fire have value in the order of red, orange yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Opal Ring Size
Similar to other gems like diamonds, opals are measured in carats. If all the other factors will be the same, then the bigger the opal the more valuable the opal is.

Opal Ring Patterns
The combination of colors and brilliance have a big effect on the value of the opal. Large flashes and broad patterns are unique, thus, valuable small types of pattern like pinfire.

Opal Ring Brilliance
The degree of brightness is of supreme importance. The more vibrant the colors in Opal Rings, the greater it’s value. A dull stone with many colors will be less valuable than an Opal ring with only one vibrant clear color.