Natural Crystal Pendant Gold Necklace [8 Options]

For thousands of years, Natural Crystals have been cherished for their Healing properties. Worn close to the heart, these beautifully carved Natural Crystal Pendants stimulate the Soul.

Each Crystal has a special energy for Balance and Healing:

  • Amethyst for the sober mind
  • Black Agate for inner Strength
  • Jade to access the Spiritual World
  • Lapis Lazuli to represent Royalty and Honor
  • Opal to symbolize Innocence and Purity
  • Rose Quartz to relay Unconditional Love
  • Sodalite to encourage Truth and Logic
  •  and Turquoise for Protection

The Natural Crystals are approximately 3.4cm or 1 3/8" on a 50cm or 19 1/2"  link chain that will fit any style or mood! You can get our FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE whenever you buy at least two of the Natural Crystal Pendant Gold Necklace today!