Natural Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

Make a root connection with the earth by wearing our Natural Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet. This stretchable bracelet is made of natural lava. Carefully crafted from naturally-formed cooled volcanic magma by our experts. As it is from the deep of the Earth's core, lava stone is said to provide a grounding protection and deep connection with the earth. Helping us to enhance, stabilize, calm our emotion. It can also be used for aromatherapy. Thus, making this bracelet the perfect accessory not only as a fashion piece but also for yoga and meditation.

  • Metal made of top-quality material
  • Length: 7.8" or 20cm
  • Lavastone beads are perfect to use for diffusing essential oils
  • Made of authentic natural lava stones
  • 100% Handmade

You can get this unique and multifunction bracelet and choose the main bead color that you like. Look trendy and be in style with our Natural Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet. Buy at least two and avail our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Limited time only.