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Natural Stone Milky Way Beaded Bracelet

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Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut and basking in the celestial energies of the outer space? Now you can! Wear the 9 planets with the Earth's moon around your wrists with the Natural Stone Milky Way Beaded Bracelet!

  • Made from natural stones
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Stones:
    • Howlite - Mercury
    • Tiger-eye - Venus
    • Lan Ven - Earth
    • Moonstone - Earth's Moon
    • Pink Agate - Mars
    • Brown Agate - Jupiter
    • Matte Map - Saturn
    • Cyan Agate - Uranus
    • Frosty Agate - Neptune
    • Brown Stone - Pluto
  • Unisex

The beaded bracelet is made from natural beads. Each authentic gemstone in this bracelet possesses healing properties beneficial to both physical and spiritual health! Why not wear enjoy the feeling of being the center of the universe with the Natural Stone Milky Way Beaded Bracelet starting today? Get two or more of this beaded jewelry to get our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING now!