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Sea Turtle Lava Stone Bracelets

Size Guide
The Sea Turtle Lava Stone Bracelets are accessories that are literally a child of water and fire. Authentic lava stones bubble from Earth's core and cool down, leaving their fiery brimstone trait behind. Now the peaceful sea turtles come in and balance the raging appeal with the steady flow of water. 
  • Item Length: 18cm (7.09inch)
  • Beads size: 8mm
  • Lavastone beads are perfect to use for diffusing essential oils
  • Not Available in Stores 

Channel the smoking hot appeal and the calm, confident demeanor at the same time by adding this bracelet to your next OOTD. Remember to get some for your friends as well. Hurry! Because we have FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for those who avail two or more of these bracelets!