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Silver Incantation Tibetan Amulet Bracelet

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The ancient art of engraving the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, which is in this Silver Incantation Tibetan Amulet Braceletby Tibetan Buddhists was practiced because of the belief that repeatedly saying the mantra silently to oneself or out loud, invokes the powerful good fortune of compassion. Looking at the written form of the mantra gives the same effect. 

  • Comfortable adjustable length
  • Premium quality high-grade silver in natural and antique high-end long-lasting coating finish
  • Hand-made to high craftsmanship standards resulting in flawlessly executed symbols

Invoke the good fortune for Great Mercy by wearing this Tibetan amulet bracelet and be confident you look good in any of your favorite outfits. Share its blessings by purchasing 2 of this bracelet now, one to give away in the spirit of compassion to someone you know who needs it now and one for yourself to wear. We have a premium of Free Shipping for every 2 or more products ordered.