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Simple Retro Lace Choker Necklaces [4 Options]

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Introducing our Simple Retro Lace Choker Necklaces! This necklace is made up of the most delicate laces ever. The lace material is soft, smooth, and should always be handled with care. These are made with utmost accuracy to make sure these maintain a high-quality rep.  These necklaces follow one general rule: simplicity is the key to being classy. 

  • Overall length is 30 cm.
  • The Choker is very light; only 8g. 
  • Best-quality Rope Chain to ensure the snug fit.

If you're the type to complete your everyday look with accessories, these necklaces are definitely for you. With little to no embellishments at all, you can add more accessories to the already head-turning appeal of these Simple Retro Lace Choker Necklaces. Purchase two or more to get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!