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Sister Love Pendant Necklaces Set [2 Variants][Set of 3]

The Sister Love Pendant Necklaces Set has 3 pendant necklaces to represent sisters love for each other. The pendant necklace set is made from premium quality materials to emulate the resilience of the bond between you and your sisters!

  • Adjustable Length: 17.7" + 1.9" or 45cm + 5cm
  • Includes 3 necklaces
  • Limited edition

Each of the three pendants is a puzzle piece that completes the picture when joined with the other two. A sweet reminder that each of you is individually beautiful in your own way, but together, you three are, indeed, a sight to behold! It is always a blessing to have a sister that will braid your hair or will teach you how to do your makeup, so why not show much you value her or them by getting the Sister Love Pendant Necklaces Set. Why get one set when you can get two or more to enjoy our FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING?