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Sweet Tweets Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hear the beautiful birds sing bright tunes in the morn while you wear this Sweet Tweets Sterling Silver Bracelet! Likened to the singing birds during the early hours, this silver bracelet, together with its matching Sweet Tweets Sterling Silver Necklace will help you look forward to the mornings and set out to the world with style!

  • Adjustable bangle
  • Genuine 925 sterling silver
  • Delicately crafted details on the branch

The incredible attention to detail of this bangle is especially noteworthy, as the branch accurately portrays its real-life equivalent and the birds are intricately crafted to look stunning even in their minute size. On your wrist, the bangle has a minimal and impactful charm that goes well with either your company attire or your Sunday's best. This sassy bangle will surely be a hit on your wrist wherever you may be - just like the birds perched and beautifully singing on branches!