Team USA Lucky String Stack Bracelets [Set of 3]

Be as free as the majestic eagle with our Team USA Lucky String Stack Bracelets. Crafted by hand, our best artisans succeeded in creating the perfect accessory for everyone who takes pride in being part of the Land of the Free. Durable and resilient, these bracelets are great reminders of how great it is being an American! 

  • Eco-Friendly Materials 
  • Adjustable length : 5.9" to 8.6" or 15 cm to 22 cm
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Get THREE for the Price of ONE 
  • Ring to Perfection Exclusive

Showcasing the palpable aura of blue, the vibrant appeal of red, and the cleansing energy of white, the bracelets are amazing gifts to anyone who identifies as American. Get yours now and support Team USA in the upcoming international games. Better hurry because stocks are almost out!