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The Original Lucky Ceramic Red String Bracelets [Set of 4]

Size Guide

Get 4 SETS of carefully handcrafted Lucky Red String bracelets, a great reminder for everyone to show compassion, love, and kindness to one another. Keep one for yourself and give one away to someone in need!

Looking to buy only 1 set of two bracelets? Go to the listing here.

  • Featuring two red ceramic beads with adjustable lengths
  • Highly durable red rope with easy double lock
  • Since this product is handwoven, keep in mind that there could be a 1cm difference in length.
  • Comes with luck red string bracelets 

    Get 2 Original Lucky Red String bracelet sets here.

    Size Chart 

    Small  6.2" (16cm) to 7" (18cm)
    Medium 7.4" (19cm) to 8.2" (21 cm)
    Combo Small and Medium Size (2x)