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Tibetan Buddhist Handmade Lucky Knots String Bracelets [4 Variants]

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Want a simple yet eye-catching accessory that attracts good health and all the positive things in life? This handmade Tibetan Buddhist Handmade Lucky Knots String Bracelet is perfect for you! 

The Tibetan Buddhists are reciting the mantras while they are tying the knots to invoke universal unity and acceptance. It is advisable to wear it on your left wrist, as this is the receiving side of your soul and body.

  • Adjustable Size: 5.9"- 8.7" or 15cm - 22cm
  • Carefully Hand-knotted by the Tibetan Buddhists
Get this Lucky Knots for your friends and family so that they will be protected from bad luck and misfortune of life. You can also get one for your own protection! Buy two pieces or get the set while it is still available and enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!