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Tibetan Luminescent Dragon Black Beads Prayer Bracelet

In the Orient where the Tibetan tradition is popularly practiced, the Dragon is the symbol of wisdom, hidden knowledge, supernatural power, and strength. It is also believed that the Dragon blood is a talisman, for good fortune, luck and health. It is a tradition in the East to dip weapons in Dragon blood before soldiers leave for war or face invading enemies to make the weapons more effective. This mix of Tiger Eye stone beads, Buddha stone beads, and a fluorescent Dragon embossed featured charm bead prayer bracelet is designed as a trendy wrap bracelet that comfortably enfolds the wrist in the prayer beads fashion. The featured bead shines in the dark and reflects a Dragon, the Tibetan symbol for wisdom and power. The tiger eye stone beads enclosing the charm bead symbolize wealth.

  • Dimensions: Length (Approximately): 31.49" (80 cm)
  • Made of high-end not easy to break semi-precious Tigereye, Buddha, and fluorescent stone beads
  • Fashionable vintage, bohemian, ethnic accessory
  • Reliable, resilient stranding rope string
  • Suitable to use as a Buddhist prayer beads
  • High in giftable idea value as Christmas, Valentine's, Birthday gifts, also as Wedding tokens

Get your Tibetan Luminescent Dragon Black Beads Prayer Bracelet now. You can wear this as an accessory to dress up a casual everyday or business attire for an after office semi-formal dinner or afternoon tea. Buy 2 to enjoy our bonus offer of Free Shipping for every 2 or more purchases, one for you to wear and the other to give away as a good luck and good health gift.