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Vintage Daisy Flower Stacked Bracelet

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This multi-strand vintage leather unisex bracelet is designed to wrap around the wrist three times, giving a modern stacked effect. The bracelet is made from high quality, durable premium leather cord and features metal beads and light copper flower.  Get the layered leather hippie look with just one stylish piece. Unisex Classy and Elegant Leather Bracelet in Black and Brown Leather

  • Genuine leather 
  • Highly-secured clasp
  • Handmade with precision

Being our most popular item, this stylish handmade leather cuff bracelet has a light, comfortable feel and is made out of 100 percent genuine leather. This leather bracelet is custom made to fit your wrist size comfortably. Add it to any outfit for the perfect touch of vintage or urban chic. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for every two or more purchases of these bracelets!

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